Truth About Internet TV Software

Many individuals from countries outside the United States search for free internet tv software online. Some are willing to pay a low fee but many have old computer operating systems, such as Windows XP. This operating system is not compatible to modern TV software that delivers 100s, if not 1,000s, of global TV channels.

If you have an old operating system and don’t see any system requirements on the merchant’s website, you should contact them before making a purchase. This is the reason why many people search online to find freeware TV software, which in many cases can be useless, if not boring streaming content delivered. Unless, individuals don’t have the money or feel everything should be free, a good low-cost TV shareware is the best option.

Now for the truth. Is TV software with loads of live TV channels and on-demand content safe, legal or legit? Are they any good and do they work?

These are valid questions that many newbies to Internet TV want to know. So the clear-cut answer is yes and no. It depends on which TV software you download to your computer. There’s one software that brings together both free streaming content and subscription-based content providers. Users can watch free on-demand content from various sources, including YouTube.

There are many pay-to-watch content providers included in the software, such as Netfix and Hulu for on-demand content. Channels such as HBO Go and ESPN to watch live TV are included also. However, none of these content providers are free to watch. You must pay the subscription fee to watch the content online. As a result, the software with all the content is legal.

Users can join and pay any one of the many subscription-based web TV services from within the software. They can also login and watch everything from the same software platform. Bottom-line, users can access everything from one source in very convenient way.

Another Internet TV software delivers 100s of live premium TV channels from the web and is not a subscription-based service. You pay a low one-time fee to access and watch everything online. Unlike the first software mentioned, users can watch many of the same live TV channels from popular TV networks. But there is some gray area with this kind of software TV player.

Although the software is safe to use and works rather well, some of the content delivered can be questionable. Members can watch HBO, MSNBC, Sky Channels, Bein Sports, ESPN, and the list goes on. The web TV service that have the software is not a content provider. They are not licensed to carry. What they do is link to various types of streaming content through open gateways throughout the Internet. They do not decode nor descramble any paid TV signals. Many people worldwide have downloaded these type of 3rd party TV softwares. They have very entertaining content that can replace cable or satellite TV to save money.

Customers must use discretion if they are going to use these services/products. Usually, a service will wait until they are notified by a content provider requesting removal of their content from the software. Some services have a DMCA Take Down notice on their website with steps for content providers to request removal.

Again, many individuals continue to download these products from these services that have been in service for years. If anything, content providers go after the larger fish, not the smaller fish. They don’t want to scare off many customers. There are some good entertaining TV software players online to enjoy.